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Physicians are the natural leaders in healthcare spaces. No other group of people has sacrificed as much time, finances, comfort, and emotional resource to benefit humanity. 

So how could anyone else effectively coach us on how best to navigate the space only we fully know?


Our program is the only one designed by and developed exclusively for physicians.

Have you or your team been

Feeling burned out?

Looking for more out your career?

Interested in producing better communication scores?

Aiming for more fulfillment from your work?

Sharpening your communication skills may be the main game changer!

Consider the four(4) basic levels of value people generally bring to the marketplace:

  • Implementation: Manual Workers
  • Unification: Supervisors
  • Communication: Teachers, Consultants & Sales, Writers, Physicians
  • ​Imagination: Creators

Physicians are sought for their medical knowledge and experience overwhelmingly - sharing that information is central to how we do what we do.

Yet, most of us haven't taken communication courses or training, that offer approaches, tools, and techniques that - if we practiced them - stimulate more effectiveness, fulfillment, and joy from the work we do.

PRACTICETLC is just that!

The TLC stands for "The Language of Choice/Caring."

Naturally, most of the patients we see, especially in hospitals, feel a sense of disempowerment and worry about the lives they lead; their hopes and dreams.

AND mostly, what they ask us regards the variety of choices they have; and they want us to personalize our responses to their sensibilities. In other words, they want us to explain to them their options couched in empathy and concern.

With our program, you and your team will rapidly make sense of all this, as you recognize the BIG question common to each and every person in front of you.

Upon completion of the program, you will make immediate headway, using the tools and techniques learned herein.

And with practice, you'll become easily conversational and facile with this new and functional language, the language of choice/caring.

 Read below how you can get started!

A common-sense program that's right for you and your team!

Grand Rounds - The first step is a grand rounds type of presentation over an hour or a lunch and learn. This can be an in-person event or by way of online webinar. We will introduce the principles and key fundamentals around which the TLC program was founded.

This presentation is perfect for colleagues, who aspire to be more effective physician-communicators. We will deep dive! This high-value hour is jam-packed with all the tools & techniques required to orchestrate transformative experiences.

PracticeTLC Workshop - Within 7 days of TLC Grand Rounds, our clients have found it best to put what they've discussed to practice with our four uniquely designed, skill-building exercises. This 2-hour workshop is ideal for that subset of individuals who demonstrates a knack for communicating effectively (and clinician-leaders), but desires a set of skills and techniques they can practice and learn well enough to teach others.

TLC Coaching - We will train your 8-10 person group ourselves over a specific period and invite them to our online PracticeTLC  Learning Center and community where they can connect and collaborate with other learned clinician-communicators, such as themselves. Aside from enhancing their effectiveness, they'll achieve full certification in Physician Experience (CPx).

This approach to training your on-the-ground coaches leads to true the cultural change necessary to share TLC ideas throughout your team of clinicians.

Seminars - Do you have a retreat or event coming up and need a motivational Physicians Experience speaker? We've got you covered! Contact Us now -Lets see how we can design a  solution to match your team's needs for enhanced performance!


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